What is Knotted?

Knotted is a curated wedding showcase for the offbeat couple who doesn't quite fit the traditional wedding market. This show is anything but that.  Carefully curated Knotted is a collection of independent artists, musicians, planners, decorators and foodie superheroes! This is a party. Not a convention. 

This year joining the party will be 10 other couples selling their gently used wedding goods! Save time planning your wedding and purchase carefully collected centerpieces, decor and other great stuff! Want to sell your items? Make some more room in your home?! Find out more info on the Wedding Market piece of Knotted here: www.takkhouse.com/wedding-market


You won't find yourself being herded like cattle through a banquet hall. This is going to feel like a VIP party that you snuck into. All the best makers and creatives will be waiting for you. It is going to feel like a dream! Only well... not!

What you'll find:

• The best indie vendors in the area
• Array of music performances so you can listen to bands and dj's first hand
• Couples of all kinds!
• Food tastings
• Cocktail ideas and craft beer sampling
• Gently used wedding goods for sale

What you won't find:

• Ice sculptures
• Cattle herding-like crowds
• A strange man/lady trying to get you to register for a free cruise
• Traditional... anything
• Tanning and weight loss booths. (just why?!)

This sounds awesome! Where?! When?!

The event will be held in Troy, NY at Takk House on March 31st from 1-4pm. 
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How can I participate?

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, you will need to fill out an online application that includes a $10 non-refundable application fee. Visit our vendor page for more information!